Saturday, June 27, 2009

summer sewing spectacular project #2: sew a reusable sandwich wrapper

this tuesday we're stitching up some cuteness in the form of a ultra stylish yet practical wrapper to take a sandwich on the go, while being waste free at the same time! check out the impact you can have on making your lunch waste free here. just think how much trash is created every day during lunch time!

the pattern for this is very simple and perfect for sewing 101! we will be using vintage fabric for the outer layer and lining it with oilcloth or vinyl (i will have an assortment of choices!) of your choice. you will love this handy little thing! it will not only keep your bread fresh and be easy to wash/wipe off, but it's also great because when it opens up it turns into the perfect placemat. i already have one of these wraps for my son but am excited to have a second to put to use. i take my son to the zoo and beach weekly and we always take a picnic lunch. (jacksonville zoo = great, jacksonville zoo food choices for vegetarians = sucky) this will be perfect for our sandwiches or to stash the pita wedges for our hummus!

check out the finished product:

unbutton it, open the flap...

and behold, your tasty sandwich inside!
(in mine you'd find peanut butter and honey... yummm!)

as always, the craft is $5 and BYOB!

hope to see you tuesday, 6:30-8:30p.

*** if you have a sewing machine you can bring to share with the group, that would be great! thanks so much!

see you tuesday!

**postscript... i will be ending craft night this week promptly at 8:30pm because i've got to rush out to a concert (JENNY LEWIS!!! yay!!!) at the beach. thanks for your understanding. feel free to caravan out with us. it's going to be a great show, i'm sure!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

crafty owls are a hoot!

tonight is the first project in our summer sewing spectacular series!!! join us tonight to make a super adorable mini owl pillow. sorry for no picture, as my computer is still jacked up so I'm having to write this from my iPod. I wish I did have an image though because these are the cutest. hope to see you this evening...

as always we will be craftin' from 6:30-8:30! if you have a sewing machine and would like to bring it to hare that would be fabulous!


Monday, June 15, 2009

the big winner, rosette earrings, technical difficulties and a special field trip

sadly my computer is officially out of commission. it really sucks because I have no extra funds right now to purchase a new one. i'm so sad about my computer and it doubley sucks because I'm posting this from my iPod touch so I have no way to post new pictures or link to anything. boohoo.

as promised the big winner of last weeks button contest is... Sarah, with the guesstimate of 497!!! the jar held a whopping 566 buttons and Brittany happened to be closest with the guess of 600, but submitted an answer after deadline. oops! so, congrats sarah!!!! I
please swing by anomaly anytime to claim your prize!

this week for craftacular Tuesdays we are mixing things up a bit! the craft of the night is short but sweet. we are making painted rosette earrings. then while our project is drying, we are going to take a short 10 minute walk to the cummer museum (its FREE on tuesday nights!) to check out an exhibit that any good crafter won't want to miss... the gee's bend quilt exhibit. these quilts are all handsewn by women of gee's bend, Alabama, dating back to slave times. they were pieced together with scraps and recycled fabrics and ijust can't wait to see them on display!

hope you can make it tomorrow night and stay tuned for a summer sewing spectacular announcement... our 4 week sewing series starts next tuesday night!!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

buttons buttons who's got the buttons?

wanna win some cool craft stuff? who doesn't live a little crafty competition?

all you have to do is guess (or be the closest to) how many buttons are in this mason jar and win a bag o' crafty goodies, including some of these vintage buttons! your cool prize will be a hodge podge of cool supplies we've used in past crafts at craftacular tuesday, all packed in a plain, natural colored tote ready to be printed on sewed on, etc...

so pull out those elementary math estimating skills because you've got till this sunday at noon to post in the comments section. the winner will be announced when i post the next crafty project.

happy counting and good luck!

Monday, June 8, 2009

make a rad rag wreath!

for the past few months as i walk in my front door and look at the 4.99 target clearance wreath hanging in my face, it doesn't make me happy. i'm not saying there is anything wrong with the wreath... it was good during it's prime. it's just lost it's luster and been worn by the elements. i was ready for something fresh, new and colorful to take it's place on my front porch.

today i decided to tackle this project. i had a bunch of scraps hanging around my craft cave, as well as some cool vintage trims i've picked up in my adventures in thrifting. voila... a bright and happy wreath perfect to cheer a dreary day.

you too can make a lovely wreath, this tuesday night at craftacular tuesdays at anomaly!

when? this tuesday (6/9) from 6:30-8:30
where? 1021 park street.
what to bring? $5 and yourself (friends and beers, optional)
questions? 904.354.7002

i've also been inspired over the past few weeks with some ideas to make the blog more fun! stay tuned because in two days i'll be posting a friendly little crafty contest.
i'm also going to be launching a SUMMER SEWING SPECTACULAR. i've got a few sewing projects i want to teach you crafty folk, so i've lined up 4 ideas that will run consecutive weeks at the store. get excited. i know i am. it's going to be fun.
in the meantime, get your creative juices flowing for tomorrow (almost today, as the current time is 11:55pm...). feel free to bring your own fabric scraps and/or trims if you have something specific you'd like to use. but as always, you don't have to bring a thing except yourself, i'll have plenty of supplies!
really looking forward to getting crafty!

Monday, June 1, 2009

cute as a button!

come get crafty at anomaly this tuesday night! we're making oh-so-cute button rings! i've got a lot of really cool buttons to use, but if you have some favorites you'd like to bring, feel free! hope you can make it!
when? tuesday night, 6:30p
where? anomaly, 1021 park street
what to bring? $5, a friend (or two) if you'd like, and a beverage of your choice!