Saturday, February 7, 2009

urban campfire+tough junkie+anomaly=good times

another great night in 5 points.

last night was the first friday of the month. that means party in 5 points! woohoo! if you missed it, you missed out on a really great time! our featured artist for february is herb elphick. he has a really cool street style with lots of bold colors. if you were feeling festive you could have gotten your pretty face painted up all fancy. thank you debra for coming!!!

outside we had tough junkie and other mc's battling it out in front of anomaly and making people shake their bootys with some sick beats! you guys were amazing and thanks to herb for hooking that up! i don't know how they come up with what comes out of their mouth. it's incredible! if you want to check out more make sure to go to TSI on feb. 20th for the ultimate mc battle!

you could've even huddled up by the urban campfire to stay warm or roast a marshmallow.

either way, you would've had a great time and you could've gotten some free beer like this guy... i think he should be the new poster child for anomaly during this time of economic hardship.

don't miss the first friday of march... it's the Em-nomaly birthday BASH! woohoo!

and screw economic hardship... come shop! we're getting new spring stuff in weekly!