Monday, May 11, 2009

Recycled cans make perfect spring planters!

this week for crafty tuesdays we're making a super cute mosaic planter (or canister for whatever) from cans and vintage plates. i'm really looking forward to this project. it turned out really well, though it's hard to tell how fabulous this is from the picture above. (i took really pretty pictures this afternoon in hopes that the USB cord would turn up, but no luck... so had to turn to the trusty camera phone. boohoo.)

- a can leftover from a canned good of some sort... (i will have about 10 on hand, so hopefully that will be enough... but you never know how many people may show up...)
-broken/old dishes if you'd like (i also purchased a lot of cool vintage ceramics to break up, so we should have enough... but if you have something you'd like to use, please bring)
-a hammer, if you have (i'll have a few on hand. everyone is good at sharing!)

-plus don't forget your beers, friends and $5! :)

we will be doing this project outside (the grout is super messy!), so you may want to dress accordingly. it could still be pretty hot at 6:30ish.

looking forward to this project! see you all tomorrow!