Friday, February 27, 2009

a day in the life

TO DO BEFORE TOMORROW: (in no specific order)
  1. clean out mason jars for marisa's wedding tomorrow
  2. do bouquets and boutonuierres
  3. work at the store till 6
  4. return sandra's about craft for tuesday
  5. eat dinner at burrito gallery
  6. finish making part of maria/levi's wedding present (i can't wait to post pictures of what i'm giving them! i just can't do it till after i give it to them b/c i don't want marisa to read it on here!)
  7. go to nest living and buy the rest of the present
  8. call my mom
  9. tag all the new bb dakota stuff
  10. make a necklace to wear for the wedding
  11. go to the tanning bed (i know... it's soooo bad for you, but i'm pasty! my legs haven't seen sun since last summer... eeek! i don't make it a habit of tanning!))
  12. return lori's email about craft idea
  13. pay parking ticket
  14. get some sleep!
  15. pack
  16. tag new jewelry we got today
  17. face mask!
  18. take garbage out
  19. buy champagne mixers and jager 4 tomorrow
  20. load car with flowers and supplies
  21. drive down to st. aug
  22. pick up remaining flowers at wholesale florist
  23. read holden stories/put him down
  24. wrap wedding present
  25. have a cocktail and relax!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

garden variety.

i just had to share with you... i got some really cool vintage plastic flowers at a bead show i went to over the weekend. i was so excited to get home and try out making something with these interesting bits. i ended up using wire and weaving all the flowers together. i cut a piece of felt to fit over the wire on the back of the piece so it isn't itchy against your skin. then i strung in on some thin silver chain. love.

i also purchased some really incredible handmade pendants from green girl studios. she and her husband cast these amazing pewter pendants from her original art in asheville, NC. i love creative people. here's just a few of the ones i purchased. i got about 20 pieces, so be on the lookout for cool jewels at anomaly!

Monday, February 23, 2009

paper bead necklaces tomorrow night!

come get super crafty this tuesday night 6:30-8:30. we're making a beautiful paper bead necklace and for 5 bucks you can make one too! i was really happy with how this turned out. it looks really nice tied around a neck too! :)

hope to see you tomorrow night for good times.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.

my dear friend marisa is getting married this saturday and i'm so excited because i have the honor of doing her flowers. i've got to put the flower order in tomorrow and so over the weekend i purchased some of the flowers i'd be using so i could play around with them a little and figure out the quantity i'll need for everything.

this is a union of two super creative people and there are going to be so many amazing details that marisa and levi are going to surprise their guests with. check out their wedding website too. the invitation will take your breath away. so cool.

and the bridesmaids bouquets are simple and dainty. i'm using carnations because they are cost effective and make a nice statement when bunched together. then the wax flowers, gerbera daisies and hypercium mixed in reminds me of an assortment picked out of a spring garden. the nuptials are taking place outside under a huge oak tree at the oldest house in st. augustine. the earthy feel of the berries and wax flower give it a more casual look.

hope you enjoy the flowers. xoxo.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

who doesn't love the green fluffy stuff?

what i'm referring to actually is spider moss. i discovered it at the fernandina farmers market this past saturday. first of all, if you've never been, i highly suggest making the quick trip up I-95. it's only about 35 minutes north of downtown and you can spend the day shopping the different antique shops and grab a bite at a local eatery.

well back to the spider moss. i discovered it and now i love it.

cool paper beads!

i was searching through the internet this morning for inspiration for the next craftacular project and came across this tutorial on another blog. you can find it HERE! we won't be doing this one because it's too in depth to do on a tuesday night, but maybe this will encourage you to try it at home. i LOVE how the necklaces turned out! simply wonderful.

we will be making paper beads on tuesday, but not like this. stay tuned.

have a wonderful day and enjoy this craft!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

a 'self portrait' and a hippie headband

on sunday i got to the store at 6:30am. there was a production crew waiting for me. i was supposed to be there at 6:00 but somehow mysteriously overslept?!?! a scene for a movie was shot at anomaly and i was excited to be a part of the locally produced film! it's called 'self portrait' and it's about this up and coming artist who's girlfriend wants him to do art so he can make money but he meets another woman who wants him to follow his heart and do the art he loves. from what i saw of the film (all of about 5 total minutes, if that) it seems to be an interesting story and i'm anxious to see how it turns out.

i really applaud the director, anthony kilburn, and his fiance, who are financing the whole thing themselves! a little after 1pm on sunday after everyone had cleared out of the store, i had a chance to chat with the 2 of them about their endeavor. i told them how great it was that they were staying in jacksonville to do something like this instead of seeking out success in another "bigger" (ie: LA, NYC) city. they both told me that they had definitely talked about moving and producing it in said cities, but finally decided to keep it local. then we all talked about how much we loved the energy going on in the creative community here. jacksonville is rockin and if you don't think so then go somewhere else. we don't need your negative energy here. i'm super pumped that this movie is happening locally and really honored to be a part of it! i guess being an entrepreneur myself, i have alot of respect for people that put themselves out there. i hope they have good luck with the film. it should be premiering sometime at artwalk this fall... or so i've heard.

don't forget about craftacular tuesdays TONIGHT!!! we're making that romantic hippie headband pictured above. and from now on, in case you missed it, on the left side of the blog i'm going to post a picture and details of what's going on at craft night there. i think i've really come to terms with what i want to blog about... not just crafts but leading a crafty life and all that that entails from flea marketing to cooking to stitching to cool blogs. what inspires you?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

there's just something about flowers...

i know some people think that flowers are a waste and what's the point because they are going to die anyway. but then what's the point of us living if we're going to die anyway? enjoy it for what it is. happiness in a vase. i love having fresh flowers around my house but haven't really been splurging on little extras like that lately. in a way it makes it all the more special when i see them sitting on my counter. flowers make me smile. here are some recent arrangements i put together for a bride.

i've always dabbled with doing wedding flowers. i would do friends or friends of a friends weddings but wasn't really seeking out business. over the past year i've had the opportunity to get quite a few more jobs and i'm really enjoying it! with spring just around the corner love is lingering in the air. if you know of someone looking for unique and affordable floral design, please pass my name along to them!

Monday, February 9, 2009

all tied up.

this tuesday night from 6:30-8:30p, for only 5 bucks at anomaly, we're making the cutest TIE BELTS! plus with the slack you will have leftover, you can make a cool cuff too! 2 projects out of one recycled tie! all you need to do is bring yourself but if you have a cool tie you'd like to use, feel free to bring that.

plus plus plus... a special thanks this week to two super crafty friends... cathy (or is it with a k? sorry!!!) for sharing this idea with us and elizabeth for donating the ties for the project. i love revamping old stuff!

and thanks to you too... for your continued support!

xoxo. emily

Saturday, February 7, 2009

urban campfire+tough junkie+anomaly=good times

another great night in 5 points.

last night was the first friday of the month. that means party in 5 points! woohoo! if you missed it, you missed out on a really great time! our featured artist for february is herb elphick. he has a really cool street style with lots of bold colors. if you were feeling festive you could have gotten your pretty face painted up all fancy. thank you debra for coming!!!

outside we had tough junkie and other mc's battling it out in front of anomaly and making people shake their bootys with some sick beats! you guys were amazing and thanks to herb for hooking that up! i don't know how they come up with what comes out of their mouth. it's incredible! if you want to check out more make sure to go to TSI on feb. 20th for the ultimate mc battle!

you could've even huddled up by the urban campfire to stay warm or roast a marshmallow.

either way, you would've had a great time and you could've gotten some free beer like this guy... i think he should be the new poster child for anomaly during this time of economic hardship.

don't miss the first friday of march... it's the Em-nomaly birthday BASH! woohoo!

and screw economic hardship... come shop! we're getting new spring stuff in weekly!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

friday friday friday.

COME HAVE FUN IN 5 POINTS TOMORROW NIGHT... i mean, what else are you going to do?
and at flux...

plus... MILK is opening tomorrow night at the 5 Points Theatre!

vegan tastiness.

every wednesday night is LOST night at our house. we have my sister over and usually our friend allison who is practically a sister too. we cook a tasty dinner and then cozy up on the couch for some good old fashioned tv time!

one of my new years resolutions was to cook vegan 3x a week. i have to applaud myself because i'm really doing a good job of sticking to that. the hardest part being vegan for me is to give up cheese which is why i could never commit to a strict vegan diet.
i love love love heidi, who writes this blog, is a vegetarian (as am i) and she often cooks vegan, which i love doing too. amanda and allison are both vegans so last night for dinner i whipped up some vegan delights. for dinner i used a recipe from one of heidi's that i've been dying to try for a long time... orange pan glazed temeph. yuuummmmm! she suggested serving it with kale and wheat berries but i served it with broccoli, brown rice and vegan spring rolls. the tempeh was soooo tasty and full of flavor but for some reason, when it cooked, the tempeh soaked all the sauce up and there wasn't alot to put over the top of the rice/broccoli. other than that, it was delicious and i will definitely be cooking this again. next time though, i'm going to throw a little flour in to see if that will thicken up the mixture and prevent the sauce from getting soaked up by the tempeh.

since i took care of dinner, allison brought over stuff to make dessert. this was our favorite part. vegan oreo (yep, oreos are vegan!) milkshakes... she used vanilla soy ice cream, vanilla soy milk and a whole lotta oreos. tasty.
so, go on 101cookbooks and check out some tasty recipes. it's easy to be healthy when it tastes so damn good.
enjoy. xoxo.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

owl love you forever.

in keeping with the owl theme this week... i made a cute project with my son a few days ago. he found a a big fat pinecone at the park on monday that was begging to be used in a project. so, when we got home we put that thing to use.

all you need is:
  • brown, black, white and orange construction paper
  • feathers (can get a a craft store, we used brown/black)
  • glue stick
  • hot glue (obviously parents, you do this part...)
  • scissors
  • a pinecone of choice
first cut out all the pieces to build your owl. this is a great lesson in shapes for your little one. all the pieces are very simple. you need to cut two ovals (for the wings) from the brown paper, an orange triangle (for the beak), two white circles for the eyes (you can also use googly eyes, but i didn't have any around... or couldn't find them... ha ha.), and two black smaller circles for the inside of the eyes.

plug in the hot glue gun (preferably away from your child). now take the glue stick (or have your child do this part) and cover the brown ovals. have your little one glue on feathers to the brown ovals for the wings. we were very generous with the feathers for ours.

then glue the black circles in the middle of the white circles for the eyes. for the beak, you can gently fold the triangle in half length wise to shape it a little if you'd like.

now all you have to do is glue the pieces on. i simply folded a small part of the top of each wing and glued each one to the side of the pinecone. then the eyes, beak and that's it! what a fun, simple and cheap project.

i hope you enjoy this craft. xoxo.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

first fridays... it's a riot. (right tony?)

this friday you don't want to miss first fridays in 5 points!

anomaly will be showcasing new works by herb ephlick. he's got a modern, progressive street art style and adds a little political satire to the mix. it's really cool stuff and the smaller pieces will be running at about $75. would make a nice present for that special someone for valentine's day!
the free beer and wine will be flowin' till it's gone AND we'll have tons of new OBEY straight from southern cali!!!

make sure to also check out lots of other fun stuff going on around the neighborhood. live music and art at FLUX, beers and tasty treats at RAGLANDS, O'BROTHERS, STEAMWORKS and more!!! make a night of it and don't let the cold weather scare you away! there will be plenty of beer flowing to keep you toasty.
hope to see you in 5P friday!
6-9P (or later!)

more cutesy animal valentines!

tell the one you love how 'tweet' he/she is with a birdy card! this one is my favorite! i got the cute printed card from the $1 store in a pack of 8 for a buck! (i know, so cute!!!) and then used solid card stock to build the picture. i have drawn out all the patterns, and if my scanner is working, i will post the patterns later so you can try this at home. i'm heading to the store shortly with a lot on my to do list, so we'll what the day brings.

another take is to make a little tag instead of a card. fill a cool jar (i went with a flea market find from the other day!) with tasty candies and special treats and tie the tag around the top. what a cute lil' summin' for someone special. i'd already stamped this one, but after the fact i thought of putting 'a special tweet just for you' on it... oh well there's always next time.

i was feeling inspired to make more little paper patchwork animals last night. i did a little mouse stamped with "be my big cheese please"... i know... i know... so dorky, but isn't that what valentine's day is all about.

i've got so many ideas to write about this week... i'm going to post a kid craft... yesterday after the park, my son and i made a cute owl out of a pine cone. pics and instructions to come! yay!

and can i just say, 3 cheers for multiple posts in a week! you better watch out... there's loads more where this came from. i don't know where all this blogging energy is coming from, but i love it.

don't miss craftacular tuesdays TONIGHT from 6:30-8:30. it's always a great time!

until then... xoxo.

Monday, February 2, 2009

whooooo do you love?

ok, so valentine's day is a little bit hallmark-esque waste of a day, but it's nice to remind the ones you care about that in fact you do care about them. what better way to do that than with an adorable handmade owl card. clearly this owl's got love on it's mind. how about you?
come to anomaly tomorrow night and make this too cute card!
when? 6:30-8:30
bring? 5 bucks and crafty friends
call if you've got any questions... 354-7002
see you tomorrow night! xoxox.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

fabulous flea markets.

i just have to share some amazing flea market finds from my adventures today. i love flea markets and i really love scavenging for treasures... broken jewelry, rusty chairs and vintage sheets just waiting for me to take home!

i used to work every single sunday and it sucked. i pretty much work every saturday already and then giving up my sunday too... i needed to regain some sanity so i haven't been working sundays for the past few weeks. it's so nice to be able to go out and do things... especially with the weather like it was today. i took full advantage of a sunday off and headed to the flea market! it's great for finding cool stuff but also the people watching... you never know what you're going to see.

i scored...
  • a handstitched wall hanging, with vintage frame. $2. the details and craftsmanship are absolutely incredible! it made me wonder if in 40 years someone would be buying my crafts at a flea market. :)
  • a ball mason jar. $1. these are pretty easy to find, but there is something about the charm of a mason jar full of flowers.
  • a lion counter. $1. this is so freaking cute and i've never seen anything like it! the middle turns and the number counts up to 31 so you can keep track of the days of the month. i got it for my son to use to practice his counting.
  • a super fun pair of vintage shoes. $3. the print is so bright and springy and they fit perfectly. (well, maybe a little snug but we suffer for fashion, right?)
  • and the score of the day... $3. a set of 4 vintage craft books from 1974. it's the LeeWards Illustrated Library of Arts and Crafts. sure to pull from for inspiration for future craft nights. most excellent. the cover art is wonderful!
  • 2 baskets of strawberries and a bunch of cilantro. $4. fresh and delicious.
  • women's liberation button and broken earring. 50 cents each. the button is SO cool. i love it because buying it today made me think about the person that wore it during the feminist movement. this button was worn by someone with the passion and drive to fight for something she (or he?!?) believed in. but i bought it today, to inspire me to never forget what drive and passion can do. although there's still a long way to go, we live in an age where an african american is now the president! this country has really evolved and gives me hope for future generations
stay tuned. i'm posting the tuesday night project tomorrow. i've got a couple projects lined up and i'm still trying to decide what to do!!!

until then... xoxo.