Thursday, February 5, 2009

vegan tastiness.

every wednesday night is LOST night at our house. we have my sister over and usually our friend allison who is practically a sister too. we cook a tasty dinner and then cozy up on the couch for some good old fashioned tv time!

one of my new years resolutions was to cook vegan 3x a week. i have to applaud myself because i'm really doing a good job of sticking to that. the hardest part being vegan for me is to give up cheese which is why i could never commit to a strict vegan diet.
i love love love heidi, who writes this blog, is a vegetarian (as am i) and she often cooks vegan, which i love doing too. amanda and allison are both vegans so last night for dinner i whipped up some vegan delights. for dinner i used a recipe from one of heidi's that i've been dying to try for a long time... orange pan glazed temeph. yuuummmmm! she suggested serving it with kale and wheat berries but i served it with broccoli, brown rice and vegan spring rolls. the tempeh was soooo tasty and full of flavor but for some reason, when it cooked, the tempeh soaked all the sauce up and there wasn't alot to put over the top of the rice/broccoli. other than that, it was delicious and i will definitely be cooking this again. next time though, i'm going to throw a little flour in to see if that will thicken up the mixture and prevent the sauce from getting soaked up by the tempeh.

since i took care of dinner, allison brought over stuff to make dessert. this was our favorite part. vegan oreo (yep, oreos are vegan!) milkshakes... she used vanilla soy ice cream, vanilla soy milk and a whole lotta oreos. tasty.
so, go on 101cookbooks and check out some tasty recipes. it's easy to be healthy when it tastes so damn good.
enjoy. xoxo.

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sandra lark townsend said...

good lord that food looks delicious! hey, i just found some of the neatest jewelry on etsy that is seriously inspiring me. check it outtttt..