Wednesday, February 4, 2009

owl love you forever.

in keeping with the owl theme this week... i made a cute project with my son a few days ago. he found a a big fat pinecone at the park on monday that was begging to be used in a project. so, when we got home we put that thing to use.

all you need is:
  • brown, black, white and orange construction paper
  • feathers (can get a a craft store, we used brown/black)
  • glue stick
  • hot glue (obviously parents, you do this part...)
  • scissors
  • a pinecone of choice
first cut out all the pieces to build your owl. this is a great lesson in shapes for your little one. all the pieces are very simple. you need to cut two ovals (for the wings) from the brown paper, an orange triangle (for the beak), two white circles for the eyes (you can also use googly eyes, but i didn't have any around... or couldn't find them... ha ha.), and two black smaller circles for the inside of the eyes.

plug in the hot glue gun (preferably away from your child). now take the glue stick (or have your child do this part) and cover the brown ovals. have your little one glue on feathers to the brown ovals for the wings. we were very generous with the feathers for ours.

then glue the black circles in the middle of the white circles for the eyes. for the beak, you can gently fold the triangle in half length wise to shape it a little if you'd like.

now all you have to do is glue the pieces on. i simply folded a small part of the top of each wing and glued each one to the side of the pinecone. then the eyes, beak and that's it! what a fun, simple and cheap project.

i hope you enjoy this craft. xoxo.

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