Monday, May 18, 2009

etch your heart out.

it has been quite a mission this evening getting my computer up and running and downloading the pictures. something is wrong with the internal part of my charger AND it's running insanely slowly. there must be some serious viruses on here. urgh. so frustrating. more than anything, i hate low productivity. i don't have time to waste sitting here waiting for my computer to load for ALMOST AN HOUR!!! (no, seriously.)

now that i've gotten that out of my system, let me introduce you to this weeks project. i've been saving glass jars for a little while and i've gathered quite a collection of different shapes and sizes. we will be using etching cream to frost the glass and spray paint to paint the lid. (mine was green!) not only is this is a super easy project but it turns out looking store bought. it's simple and modern.
i decided to adorn an old salsa jar with "treat" because it's the perfect size to stash some candy to satisfy my nightly sweet tooth. mmm... smarties... start brainstorming about something you need a container for. buttons? needles? sharks teeth? wishes?

looking forward to tomorrow night! please contact me at the shop (354.7002) if you have any questions about craftacular tuesdays.


  • glass jar if you have a specific one you'd like to use. otherwise, i should have enough.
  • beverages of choice
  • a friend or two
  • 5 bucks

see you at 6:30, tuesday evening.

xo. emily