Friday, February 27, 2009

a day in the life

TO DO BEFORE TOMORROW: (in no specific order)
  1. clean out mason jars for marisa's wedding tomorrow
  2. do bouquets and boutonuierres
  3. work at the store till 6
  4. return sandra's about craft for tuesday
  5. eat dinner at burrito gallery
  6. finish making part of maria/levi's wedding present (i can't wait to post pictures of what i'm giving them! i just can't do it till after i give it to them b/c i don't want marisa to read it on here!)
  7. go to nest living and buy the rest of the present
  8. call my mom
  9. tag all the new bb dakota stuff
  10. make a necklace to wear for the wedding
  11. go to the tanning bed (i know... it's soooo bad for you, but i'm pasty! my legs haven't seen sun since last summer... eeek! i don't make it a habit of tanning!))
  12. return lori's email about craft idea
  13. pay parking ticket
  14. get some sleep!
  15. pack
  16. tag new jewelry we got today
  17. face mask!
  18. take garbage out
  19. buy champagne mixers and jager 4 tomorrow
  20. load car with flowers and supplies
  21. drive down to st. aug
  22. pick up remaining flowers at wholesale florist
  23. read holden stories/put him down
  24. wrap wedding present
  25. have a cocktail and relax!

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