Monday, March 2, 2009

would you like fries with that?

maybe it's my subconscious telling me to chow on a big fat burger (though i highly doubt it) but i had the urge to make some tiny, cutesy food charms today. the inspiration for this project came from a faux cupcake i saw at my friend marisa's house... speaking of marisa, you can see some INCREDIBLE pictures from that saturday taken my friend jeanne, who happens to be the most amazing photographer in duval!!! (and check out the flowers, compliments of moi!) although stressful, it was an absolutely wonderful day and it couldn't have been for two better people!!!
so, you want to get crafty? come to anomaly and get craftacular tomorrow (tuesday, 3/3) night. same time, (6:30-8:30), same place (the workshop @ anomaly). make new friends AND make adorable charms out of polymer clay! what more could you want for a tuesday night??? and as usual, we'll be hitting up a 5 points pub for a little crafterpartying!
these charms were SO much fun to make and i was really happy with how they turned out! i splurged this week and bought a craft oven so we now have a heat source for doing other projects. i've actually been wanting to do shrink art for a while, so i'm glad i invested in a craft oven!
the little birdy on the branch (pictured to the left) is my favorite one, but i think it's a little too delicate to wear as a necklace. or i could always enjoy it till it breaks. and please, pardon the white spots on this picture... it's the mod podge drying. the wondrous, multi purpose mod podge. it's elizabeth favorite... just watch the crafty video i posted last week below!
see you tomorrow! xoxo.

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