Sunday, February 15, 2009

a 'self portrait' and a hippie headband

on sunday i got to the store at 6:30am. there was a production crew waiting for me. i was supposed to be there at 6:00 but somehow mysteriously overslept?!?! a scene for a movie was shot at anomaly and i was excited to be a part of the locally produced film! it's called 'self portrait' and it's about this up and coming artist who's girlfriend wants him to do art so he can make money but he meets another woman who wants him to follow his heart and do the art he loves. from what i saw of the film (all of about 5 total minutes, if that) it seems to be an interesting story and i'm anxious to see how it turns out.

i really applaud the director, anthony kilburn, and his fiance, who are financing the whole thing themselves! a little after 1pm on sunday after everyone had cleared out of the store, i had a chance to chat with the 2 of them about their endeavor. i told them how great it was that they were staying in jacksonville to do something like this instead of seeking out success in another "bigger" (ie: LA, NYC) city. they both told me that they had definitely talked about moving and producing it in said cities, but finally decided to keep it local. then we all talked about how much we loved the energy going on in the creative community here. jacksonville is rockin and if you don't think so then go somewhere else. we don't need your negative energy here. i'm super pumped that this movie is happening locally and really honored to be a part of it! i guess being an entrepreneur myself, i have alot of respect for people that put themselves out there. i hope they have good luck with the film. it should be premiering sometime at artwalk this fall... or so i've heard.

don't forget about craftacular tuesdays TONIGHT!!! we're making that romantic hippie headband pictured above. and from now on, in case you missed it, on the left side of the blog i'm going to post a picture and details of what's going on at craft night there. i think i've really come to terms with what i want to blog about... not just crafts but leading a crafty life and all that that entails from flea marketing to cooking to stitching to cool blogs. what inspires you?

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