Wednesday, February 11, 2009

there's just something about flowers...

i know some people think that flowers are a waste and what's the point because they are going to die anyway. but then what's the point of us living if we're going to die anyway? enjoy it for what it is. happiness in a vase. i love having fresh flowers around my house but haven't really been splurging on little extras like that lately. in a way it makes it all the more special when i see them sitting on my counter. flowers make me smile. here are some recent arrangements i put together for a bride.

i've always dabbled with doing wedding flowers. i would do friends or friends of a friends weddings but wasn't really seeking out business. over the past year i've had the opportunity to get quite a few more jobs and i'm really enjoying it! with spring just around the corner love is lingering in the air. if you know of someone looking for unique and affordable floral design, please pass my name along to them!

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sandra lark townsend said...

these are gorgeous! i used to do wedding flowers, as well (including my own) but my favorite is always doing the bouquets and boutineers.. if you are ever in need of some good flowers, dont forget, my husband is a wholesale florist. hahah. :)