Sunday, February 1, 2009

fabulous flea markets.

i just have to share some amazing flea market finds from my adventures today. i love flea markets and i really love scavenging for treasures... broken jewelry, rusty chairs and vintage sheets just waiting for me to take home!

i used to work every single sunday and it sucked. i pretty much work every saturday already and then giving up my sunday too... i needed to regain some sanity so i haven't been working sundays for the past few weeks. it's so nice to be able to go out and do things... especially with the weather like it was today. i took full advantage of a sunday off and headed to the flea market! it's great for finding cool stuff but also the people watching... you never know what you're going to see.

i scored...
  • a handstitched wall hanging, with vintage frame. $2. the details and craftsmanship are absolutely incredible! it made me wonder if in 40 years someone would be buying my crafts at a flea market. :)
  • a ball mason jar. $1. these are pretty easy to find, but there is something about the charm of a mason jar full of flowers.
  • a lion counter. $1. this is so freaking cute and i've never seen anything like it! the middle turns and the number counts up to 31 so you can keep track of the days of the month. i got it for my son to use to practice his counting.
  • a super fun pair of vintage shoes. $3. the print is so bright and springy and they fit perfectly. (well, maybe a little snug but we suffer for fashion, right?)
  • and the score of the day... $3. a set of 4 vintage craft books from 1974. it's the LeeWards Illustrated Library of Arts and Crafts. sure to pull from for inspiration for future craft nights. most excellent. the cover art is wonderful!
  • 2 baskets of strawberries and a bunch of cilantro. $4. fresh and delicious.
  • women's liberation button and broken earring. 50 cents each. the button is SO cool. i love it because buying it today made me think about the person that wore it during the feminist movement. this button was worn by someone with the passion and drive to fight for something she (or he?!?) believed in. but i bought it today, to inspire me to never forget what drive and passion can do. although there's still a long way to go, we live in an age where an african american is now the president! this country has really evolved and gives me hope for future generations
stay tuned. i'm posting the tuesday night project tomorrow. i've got a couple projects lined up and i'm still trying to decide what to do!!!

until then... xoxo.

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