Monday, January 26, 2009

picture perfect.

so sorry about last week. i was super sick and didn't get out of bed for practically 24 hours! so i apologize if any of you came out to a cancelled craft night!!! that being said, we're back in business tomorrow night with an all new, super cute craft!

some of our regulars were nice enough to donate phone wire that is so much fun to craft with! (thanks sandra and gail!!!) this tuesday we're painting, then adorning wooden picture frames with wire flowers and buttons!

not to get all mushy on everyone, but i just have to say that i've met some really amazing people at craftacular and i'm so thankful for all the support you have all shown for this! you all are the ones that inspire me at times, when i'm feeling a little less than enthused, to keep going. you guys make me laugh and inspire me. plus i love the craft community we're building! i really can't thank you enough for your continued support!

i'd really love to start having a few more classes a week. i've had lots of requests for specific areas. we'll see where 2009 takes us. i've got so many ideas and things i'd like to do this year, i just need to get on it!!!

and for all of you that are interetsed in selling your wares, you should check out RAM. it's going to be a phenomenal event held every saturday right on the river in riverside!

so much for my new years resolution of posting more than once a week! i guess i've still got time to work on it though... it is only january. i've also had requests for tutorials, so i may work on that too.

hope to see you to you all at anomaly, 6:30-8:30. BYOB. it's fun.

also SAVE THE DATE... FIRST FRIDAYS IS COMING UP ONE WEEK FROM THIS FRIDAY. who doesn't love a party in 5 points?

make sure to check out JAXSCENE for other cool happenings going on in this amazing city of ours!!! woo hoo!


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