Thursday, July 17, 2008

stencil totes = good time!

YAY! Another great turnout at craft night! It's really so much fun every week to meet so many different people! The stencil tote turned out to be a hit and I even got to stencil a cute tee for my friends 3 year old daughter and one for my son too!

I supplied natural colored totes for all the crafters and then we made stencils by cutting the negative space out of animal silhouettes. It's a really simple craft that can double as eco-chic gift wrap. Wrapping a present in this reusable tote is sure to delight the recipient!

It makes it a great alternative to disposable gift bags and can then be used as a beach, grocery or library tote.

I've been crafting alot this week. I've been working on a knitting project that I finished last night. It's a mixed fabric neck warmer made from recycled materials. I cut vintage lace and a t-shirt into strips, tied the ends together and then knitted it back together. I will post a picture of the finished project if I remember.

It was really rainy all day at the store today, so that means it was totally DEAD. I took advantage of a little free time and made a few purses and a custom baby sling. I've been obsessing over some vintage fabrics that I finally got to use today. My sewing machine has been out of comission for about a month but she's repaired and back in business.

Stay tuned tomorrow for next Tuesdays project. It's going to be fun... I'll give you a hint... it's something to wear.

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