Sunday, August 17, 2008

FELT FUN --- tuesday night!

so i've had major crafters-block this week in thinking of a project for this tuesday night. then yesterday i was looking at my ugly blackberry case that came with my phone and thought that something cute to keep it scratch free would be the perfect thing to make this week!!! so come tuesday night and make a phone or IPOD holder! this is a sewing project in which we will be learning how to blanket stitch.

this afternoon i whipped up a sample and was quite pleased with what i came up with! the pouch in the picture doesn't have a velcro closure, but i intend on adding one. i'm envisioning tuesday night (with amstel light in hand) already... cute pouches everywhere adrorned with birdies, lollipop trees, flowers and more! i can't wait to see the creations!

when? this tuesday, august 19th
where? in our workshop @ anomaly
what to bring? 5 bucks, a beverage of choice and if you have a specific device you want to make your pouch for, bring that so we can make sure to cut the felt to size.
questions? call us at 354-7002! see you tuesday for felt fun!


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