Monday, December 15, 2008

global crafting inspiration

my friend (and fellow craft night attendee) elizabeth recently returned from a trip to israel and brought me this beautiful wire ball necklace. i wear it so much that i thought we should make them for craft night. these would make the prettiest gifts for friends. this necklace is on a long ball chain but we will be putting ours on satin cording. (you can always go out and purchase a different chain from a craft store if you'd like.) you also have the option of turning it into earrings and i will have the pieces tomorrow night to do that. hope to see you at anomaly! 6:30-8:30. BYOB... you can grab a tasty beer on tap at raglands and they will put it in a togo cup for you!

last week's bottle cap craft turned out great! you can check out some pictures here.

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B.Gray said...

Hey Emily! Its me Brian. I just wanted to stop by and say MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Im looking forward to and even better and bigger year in 2009.Im really looking forward to seeing what Anomaly will have in store for a brand new year to come! Heres to much success in 2009! ROCK ON!-B.Gray

Ps- Ive been talking to Tommy Armegedon about stopping by the shop to check out the screen printing press at Burro. Ill keep ya posted! Hee heee...