Tuesday, March 24, 2009

don't be jealous of my earrings...

you can make your own tonight @ anomaly!!! be here.

1021 park street, 32204
5 bucks. BYOFB. (bring your own friends and beverages!)
call with questions...904-354-7002
and on to other fun stuff...

and here are some accessories i did last night in preparation for RAM. i rarely ever like stuff i make THIS much. i don't know if it's because it's so fun to find the materials, figure out what to put together and start sewing to watch the necklace com to life or the fact that the finished product is so interesting and different from anything else i've seen.

and i'm going to have kids tees available at my booth as well. my son is wearing the vintage tie tee today... so handsome!

i really can't wait for the market! it's going to be great!

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adam said...

you're so rad. i keep trying to make it to craft night, and stuff keeps coming up. tonight is managing Matt's crisis because he didn't get into grad school. :-(