Friday, March 20, 2009

friday to do's.

1. einsteins for bagel

2. obey orders for spring and fall

3. tag new jewelry

4. track polli order (hopefully it's coming today!)

5. handbag order

6. mail sales tax check

7. put on makeup

8. e-mail jeanne and marisa

9. print out sale signs

10. tag new arturo tees

11. put together flower order for next week's wedding

12. organize craft stuff (fat chance.)

13. send out thank you's from my birthday (oops... that was like 2 weeks ago. slacker.)

14. order sunglasses

15. make orchid clip for bride

16. sew bowtie and finish dress for tomorrow nights black and white ball

17. think of the things i'm forgetting to put on this list.

18. figure out a craft for next tuesday. TONS of cool ideas on threadbanger

19. follow up about riverside arts market

20. talk to tony about community bike idea (thanks to david wingard!)

no i've gotta get crakin' on this list. have a spectacular weekend! xxoo.

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