Tuesday, April 28, 2009

a fusa-bowl!

it's 12:15am the day of craftacular tuesday. after wracking my brain for the past week trying to figure out a pet craft that i promised josh, i decided we would make a multi purpose bowl. this project can double as a super cool collapsible and reusable pet water bowl (for the fur friends) or make a few in different sizes and shapes and use as cool decorative containers.

last night the sample i mocked up didn't really turn out as i'd imagined. with some adjustments to the pattern, i tried again this afternoon. i'd planned to use recycled raincoats and vinyl materials, but the sides were too flimsy. and it kept leaking. no good.

then earlier this evening i was working on another project and it came to me... i would make fused plastic fabric (out of recycled grocery bags) and then sew the bowl from that. the layers of plastic made the walls of the bowl strong, while still being lightweight and pliable. i really think it turned out great... unfortunately, there is no picture. it's another case of the missing USB cord! sorry! (i think the cord is in my car but it's too dark to really see, so hopefully i will find it in the morning and be able to post the picture for you!)

other than that... here are the details about the crafty meet-up that happens every tuesday only at...

ANOMALY. 1021 park street. 32204
TONIGHT. (and every tuesday night)- 6:30-8:30p.
BYOB. (yes, you read that correctly.)
+$5. (that's $2.50 an hour. i don't know where you can get entertainment that cheap and a souvenir from the evening. that's what she said!)


if you've been saying you want to come check out what this crafty business is all about and haven't yet, what are you waiting for? craftacular tuesday is calling your name.

hope to see you tonight! xxoo. emily

note to self: next time i see the USB in my trunk and think, "i should pick that up and put it with the camera, so next time i need to use it i will know where it is." i should actually do what i'm thinking.

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adrienne lawton said...

Hey there! I'm terribly missing craft nite, and will miss again tonight by reasons out of my control. pout. But I will be back soon!!

Meanwhile...look up (Lizzie Fortunato If You're Going to San Francisco Headband - $230.) at http://loocboutique.blogspot.com/2009/03/lovely-liberty.html

It totally looks like something you have made, and something we could emmulate at craft nite some day for WAY less than $230!

See you soon,