Monday, April 6, 2009

a wedding, the arts market and a t-bag craft tomorrow for tomorrow night!

the past few weeks have been crazy busy! i did a wedding 2 weekends ago. it turned out really nicely. the bride picked yellow and green as her colors and that allowed me to use some of my favorites stems on the tables! i love the mix and match look and we did an assortment of green and yellow vases on the tables along with real granny smith apples as the candle holders. lemons and limes were sliced and put into clear vases. it was so colorful!

her bouquet (pictured above) was traditional with a modern twist. i used a delicate combination of hydrangeas, mini calla lilies, and jade roses.

this past weekend, for those of you that don't know, was the opening day of the Riverside Arts Market. if you didn't come down to RAM, you really missed out on a truly historic day in du-val. it was amazing! an incredible turnout... 40,000!!! the crowd was pleasant, positive and 100% energizing. the crafty crew and i have a booth and hopefully will every week till december 19th (it closes till the following april). unfortunately, during the madness of opening day setup (and the fact that it was too early to be up for someone who drank too much and stayed out past her curfew the night before) i forgot to get my camera. urgh. next week i'll post some photos of how cute the booth turned out! our collective is appropriately named "the makers of things" and offers quite a variety of goodies! thanks to all my lovely, crafty friends for their help, support, and enthusiasm. you guys are awesome!

i've also been a non stop maker this week trying to build up some stock for the booth. i've made pillows, fabric collage necklaces, funky headbands and bobby pins, rings and earrings, cute vintage fabric cloches, and funky kids tees. i sold a little of everything but the t-shirts were clearly the hottest seller of the day. today i was back at it, rebuilding my inventory. i'm exhausted but have a few more things left to sew tonight... then maybe a little relaxation.

can i just say, i looooooooove my crafty club!!! seriously, that's what craftacular tuesdays have become... we ARE the 'crafty club'. it's a super fun group of people from different places, different backgrounds and of all ages. the fact that we all make things is what brings us together. i love hearing about everyone's ideas and seeing the finished projects.

come make this adorable recycled t-shirt tote. use it to carry your fresh produce from RAM or throw in a towel and sunscreen and head to the beach!
this is a super easy sewing project. we'll have t-shirts for use or bring one you'd like to use from home. if you have a sewing machine to share, please bring it if you can!
we'll also have an assortment of other projects going on. some crafters want to bring whatever project they have been working on lately and just work on it at craftacular tuesdays! we would love for you to bring your projects to complete and/or share with us!

hope to see you tomorrow night!
xoxo. emily

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jaxscene said...

sorry we didn't stop at your booth saturday! rory was getting cranky, we had already walked around for while. next time!