Tuesday, May 12, 2009

a perfect springtime planter!

if you missed last night, you missed a really great project! it was a perfect night for crafting outside and all the cans turned out great!

it's spring (though some may argue that it was the middle of summer with the heat on monday!) and everything is turning nice and green again. i've really been taking interest in plants more and more lately. i've always loved flowers but this is the first time i've actually taken the time to garden!

i got some incredible tomato plants at RAM this past weekend, so monday i fit a little gardening in. (if you take a closer look at the background of the picture, you an see a green tomato already hanging on the plant!) on the front porch of my house there are a few really deep planters on one side that i planted some tomato plants in. i decided to plant the tomatoes in there because that spot gets great sun and anything planted there always seems to flourish. i've also got a bunch of "baby" succulents that i'm sprouting. i've got quite a little nursery planted on my porch. it's so much fun to watch the progression of succulents as they grow too. this planter is just the perfect size to put small plant in! i've asked raglands, the restaurant next door to my shop, if they could save their XL cans that will be great for bigger plants. i think i may just have to make some of these for my RAM booth! :)

have a wonderful week! i'd love to hear any projects that you would be interested in doing in the next few weeks!

until then...


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