Sunday, May 3, 2009

pretty spring napkin rings!

i found a super cool craft book from the 70's a few weeks ago and there are some great ideas in it. one is for napkin rings make with plaster bandages. unfortunately i have been hitting up the health and beauty section of numerous box stores and have yet to find it. i needed a substitute. i had some drywall tape (i think that's what it's called) in my stockpile of stuff and tried it out. voila!

what a perfect gift to make for mom! go the extra mile and tell your mother you appreciate her with a handmade gift straight from the heart! pair the napkin rings with a new set of napkins (or stitch up a set yourself) and you've got quite a gift!

ALSO... since craftacular tuesday happens to fall on the 5th of may this year, i'm making this pinata! (see the how to from threadbanger below.) i'm filling it with goodies for some cinco de mayo fun. woohoo!

see you tuesday, same time, same place.

until then...
xxoo. emily

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