Monday, August 3, 2009

ok, so it's summer and i need a little hiatus.

do you ever get burnt out?  well, that's precisely how i'm feeling right now.  everyone gets exhausted after a while and needs a break.  i'm taking this week off from craft night too.  i'm sorry if i'm letting anyone down, but i'm feeling zapped and have to get re energized!  don't worry,  i'll be back in full force next week with a great project...  i owe you guys!!!

until then, have a great week! 



Van said...

I know how you feel on being "burned out". Enjoy your break, and get recharged! The creativity will flow back after a resting period.

birdilicious said...

don't let the bastards grind you down, take a break, have a good time and come back kicking ass!

flutterby3 said...

You aren't letting us down! Take a break and we'll see ya next week. xoxo